March Goals & Happenings

At the start of each month I work out what I am working towards for the month and make a plan. March is looking a little different this year with an additional family member being added to the list, but not quite as different as the upcoming months will be. We have fully transitioned to online only sales, but will also be transitioning to digital products only (temporarily) in the coming months as we get ready to move to Hawaii at the end of May. Keep reading to see what goals we have set for March and what we have going on.

March Events & Goals:

New Baby

We are welcoming a new baby girl to our family any day now! We can’t wait to share more about this when we are home and settled, but for now please understand that we will be a bit slow to respond to messages in the beginning of the month. We will be spending less time online and more time getting to know our girl and our new normal…at least what normal will be for a few months. Will this affect the way we run our business?! Sure it will, I’d be silly to think that it wouldn’t. BUT, that doesn’t mean we are closing down or anything. We disclose 3-5 business days for orders getting shipped out. Jorge will be home with me to help make sure that anything I’m unable to physically do, gets done. He is just amazing isn’t he?!! Orders won’t be greatly impacted, but my communication may be. I have lots of content planned and quite a bit scheduled, but commenting may be a little slow until we get into some type of routine. Bear with us as we navigate this new adventure!


Easter is in March this year which means that Easter products will run the same time as St. Patrick’s Day products for a bit. This has made life a tad hectic, so we are working hard to get everything finished for all of the holidays and launches, but are also trying to be realistic. Have something you’d like to see and I didn’t offer it yet? Just ask! I’ve come to terms with what I’m able to do and not able to do these days and will be up front about what can and can’t be done.

April & May Planning and Prep.

There isn’t a lot happening in April, which is great. That means I’ll have time to prepare products for Spring, Gardening and Mother’s Day before we wrap up physical products for the summer. March will be spent planning what products we are going to make for these seasons and holidays and order any supplies needed to complete them.

Finish the House

We have slowly been working on projects around the house to get it ready to list for sale. The goal is to list in April for a hopeful May closing. There are no crazy projects to finish like the last house, so hopefully we can be disciplined enough to get a little done each day. Fingers crossed we don’t wait until the last minute and get it all done!

So while we have a few big items on our list for this month, it should be pretty attainable! We are looking forward to upcoming changes and moving forward with business, while slowing down at home. We have been working towards this for quite some time and are finally getting to the place where it will happen. Stay tuned as we continue to navigate the changes and adapting to make our plan work around what is actually happening.

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As always, thank you for reading and joining us on this journey! We appreciate you and the time you take to support our small business!

Simply, Beth