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Iced Red Raspberry Tea

For those that don’t know I’m due with our first child and our due date is tomorrow. I’m very ready for this baby girl to get here and have even been trying every old wives tale and wishful thinking remedy that is safe to try. One of the things I found when researching ways to naturally induce labor is to drink raspberry leaf tea. Well I’m not a tea drinker and could never really get my taste buds wrapped around the flavor of tea. Hot or cold, it is just not for me. I found a way to make this work for me taste wise and thought I’d share it and a tiny bit of research I found out while reading.

Note: I don’t actually believe any of these things will actually work, but I’m so tired of being pregnant, I just feel like it can’t hurt anything. I’ll probably still be pregnant next Thursday, but at least this tea is yummy!

While the taste of hot red raspberry leaf tea was surprisingly not the worst flavor I’ve had, it still was one I chugged down and couldn’t stomach more than one mug full. To take away from the “tea taste” I decided to ice it and add some juice. Remember that cranberry juice we made around the holidays? It was seriously so nice to just walk down to our food storage closet and pick up a jar to help make this. While it is not as satisfying as making it yourself, I love having a bar on the same level of our pantry and knew I would have pineapple juice in the cabinets to help make this too.

To make this tea/juice I start with a tea kettle of water to get going and brew two bags of raspberry tea. I let it seep for a bit in a 40oz Stanley with no lid. It is the biggest cup I have so that I only have to make this tea once a day and I don’t have to continuously have cups laying around. Once the tea has cooled off I actually pour it into one of our Yeti tumblers over ice. We prefer the Yeti cups, but either way both brands keeps things cold or hot FOREVER. I add ice to the 30oz Yeti and then fill halfway with tea. The other half of the thermos is filled with equal parts pineapple juice and cranberry juice. So easy and a nice alternative to the gallon plus of water I’ve been drinking each day.

First glass of the day while I get some office work done

The benefits of this tea, from what I’ve read, is for increased fertility, a natural way to induce labor, reduce symptoms of menstrual cramps and a high level of antioxidants. No matter what part of your womanhood you are trying to get a hold of, this tea’s benefits will help. Even if it is all a myth, at least this iced tea is delicious and making it will keep your mind off whatever is ailing you. Now let’s just hope it helps push me into labor as soon as possible!! Wish me luck!

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Iced Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Looking for ways to increase fertility, induce labor naturally, or just enjoy a yummy tea? This tea and juice mix is a great way to enjoy it on ice!


  • 1 Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Bag
  • Pineapple juice
  • Cranberry juice


  • Make raspberry tea according to instructions and fill thermos or mug halfway with prepared tea. Add ice to chill tea.
  • Pour 1/4 of thermos or mug with pineapple juice and another 1/4 with cranberry juice.
  • Stir to combine and enjoy!